In my last post we visited the world of a hypothetical couch potato and made him/her into a hypothetical entrepreneur. Stories like these comprise a facet of the American Dream, that says anybody can come up with a gimmick and make a fortune, and indeed sometimes it does happen. Even though I invented our couch potato and his Couch Potato Chips to make a point about opportunity, I realize now that I could have created something more desirable with Mr. or Ms. Potato. Another thing I’m going to do right now is make him into a male.

Let’s say that the couch potato’s mind diverged from thoughts of chips and beer and instead he noticed the contents of his own head.

He remembers that flipping through the channels early one morning he had come upon a person sitting cross-legged on the floor, meditating and speaking softly to her audience. He lingered on the channel long enough to learn about diaphragmatic breathing but not much else. The image of that TV woman gently rises in his consciousness. He decides to do something he’s never ever considered before.

He gets out of the recliner and turns off the TV. He puts the chips to one side, finishes the beer and doesn’t go to the fridge to get another one.

He finds he is unable to sit cross-legged on the floor. He sits on an ordinary dining room chair, closes his eyes, folds his hands in his lap, and breathes deeply. He is surprised to see how many thoughts run through his head. He follows them. The thoughts come and go. He doesn’t sit there for a very long time, but when he opens his eyes he recognizes a calmness that he can’t recall ever experiencing before. He would bet money that his blood pressure has dropped 20 points.

He continues with this practice nearly every day and after awhile he comes upon a stillness, a peace, that overwhelms him. From within that space everything makes sense. He experiences subtle energies within his being.

Our reformed couch potato has experienced an opportunity far greater than the inspiration to create a larger potato chip, although he might very well decide to do that, too. He still watches TV now and then, has a beer now and then, and eats a bag of potato chips now and then.

The difference is that now he is in tune with the universe. Trust me, it feels really good.