“An impossible dream might possibly be impossible.” ~Two-bit Guru

  • Take a gene from the soil which produces a toxin, engineer it into corn to make it “pest resistant” and what happens?  An insect larva develops that is resistant to the toxin, the same toxin might turn your intestines into a toxin factory, and could be expected to create autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and childhood learning disorders. Guess who is behind all this …
  • A terrific TEDtalk by a woman who not only started growing food in her apartment, she started a world-wide movement.
  • Okay, we all know the universe is Big. But just how big is it? This piece might help, with video.
  • This one says answer 30 questions and change the way you think about the world. They provide the questions. This could be as close as you’ll come to enlightenment. Or not.
  • Fourteen universal truths that will make everything hunky-dory if everybody knows about them. Peaceful us, peaceful world. I’m in.