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The danger of science is that it doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. ~Two-Bit Guru Exercise, anyone? Handicapped, disabled, young, old, all inspirations for exercise, including me (old-er). I used my own variation of high intensity interval training to lose 7 pounds, take several inches off my waist, and drop my body fat from 22% […]

“The amazing thing is these favorable coincidences keep on happening. What a coincidence!” ~Two-Bit Guru I’ve been going around in the vortex of coincidence these days, with some degree of awe. I feel like I’ve gotten a glimpse into the workings of the universe, but it’s only a glimpse and I won’t be saying I’ve […]

Whose reality is it, anyway?” ~Two-Bit Guru I recently linked to a web site that randomly sticks words from Deepak Chopra’s Twitter stream together to create fictional quotes. The idea is that Deepak’s actual thoughts and tweets might be indistinguishable from a meaningless group of profound-sounding words. There’s even a drop down quiz challenging the […]

“There is more power in contemplation than there is in confrontation.” ~Two-bit Guru Whether you looked at the video we recently posted about Monsanto and GMOs, or not, you’ll probably want to read this. It’s about GMOs with bonus observations on the necessary balance between freedom and government controls. If you’re into repurposing and environmental […]

“Waste is stupid.” ~William McDonough, architect/designer “We can do things. It’s not dangerous for us. We can just re-invent everything in a free society, and it’s time to do so.” ~Michael Braungart, chemist “I didn’t expect to see a feel-good movie about manufacturing.” ~Two-bit Guru Just when we thought the future of industry was becoming […]

“Who gives a rat’s ass which side of the brain is functioning, as long as the dang thing is making us happy?” ~Two-Bit Guru. A few weeks ago on my Friday Link List I linked to the video above, a fascinating TEDtalk by the neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor. The gist of Ms. Taylor’s story was […]

“Consistency is the key to consistency.” ~Two-bit Guru How much barley grass could you grow if you had a 30-foot high greenhouse with a footprint 18 feet by 30 feet? You could grow (sit down if you get dizzy) 4,000 pounds in a week! If you had the right machine. Take a look at the […]

When I began this blog, one of my parameters was to emphasize the positive and do my best to not be confrontational. This short post is partly about Never Saying Never. No matter how lofty one’s intentions, a time might arise wherein there seems to be no avoiding confrontation. What would such a time be? […]

Part of the gardening cycle for me each year is to create the ideal support for pole beans and tomatoes. In the past I have used fence posts, twine, limbs trimmed from trees and bushes, wire tomato rings, salvaged bed frames, and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten. Last year’s device was a framework […]

“Death: Just another one of life’s little stumbling blocks along the way.” ~Two-bit Guru Six tricks for living a longer, healthier life. Our old friend Earthing shows up again in this thorough piece from Dr. Mercola. Includes a link to Dr. James Oschman (energy wizard with a PhD in biology). Dr. Mercola is a wizard […]