Opportunity knocks. That’s what we’ve been told. You hear stories all the time about the unshaven couch potato in a tank top undershirt who lolls around in the recliner watching TV all day and night, eating (perhaps) potato chips, drinking (perhaps) beer, when … suddenly … there’s a knock at the door. Why, it’s Opportunity!

Opportunity’s been looking all over for a couch potato just like You to seize this chance of a lifetime. You want a limo, a big office on the 50th floor, a mansion, a yacht? No problem. Status, a beautiful partner, a sound track in the background of your life? No problem.

Certainly you’ve heard these stories, haven’t you? No? Something must be amiss in the universe. There are a whole lot of folks who hope that such stories are true.

The lottery is an option. Multilevel marketing is an option. Take Grandma’s baked beans recipe and start a frozen food chain, another option. Any impossible dream that really is impossible could be an option. It’s all just around the next corner. But the elusive part of my little satire is that a slim minority of people do win lotteries, do make money in MLM’s, and even convert Grandma’s recipes into millions of dollars. They do realize impossible dreams. And how we do like to hear those stories.

The statistics of any venture far favor failure over success. All of us aren’t going to invent the next rotisserie oven, or write the next killer digital app, or even start a little business selling ice cream. When we hear about the possibility of unimaginable success, it is natural to imagine ourselves in that role.

If we do set out to make it, really, really make it, we’d be best off to do so with the attitude that to not own a boat in yacht-ville is not failure. Our boat might be eight feet long with oars, but it’s still our boat. We’ve earned it.

If the couch potato were to contemplate the elements immediately around him, he might think, for example, that these potato chips would be more desirable if they were larger. He might decide to make a huge potato chip. He might make them into a product. He might call them Couch Potato Chips. Most likely he won’t do any of those things, but if he did, he would have that which will never knock on the door. He would have an opportunity.