“An open-minded person sees the sameness amid the differences.
A closed-minded person sees only the differences.”
~Two-bit Guru

  • Is there a magical way to enhance HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in your body and get a cardio workout all in no more than one hour a week? Yes there is, but it’s not magic. It’s common sense. I’ve been practicing this method for the past 3 or 4 months and my body fat has gone from a peak of 22% to a low of 15%.
  • A new documentary about organic farming. The farmer’s kids eat veggies raw right in the field. Reminds me of when we were kids, hooking fresh peas, vines and all, off the trucks on their way to the local cannery and eating them raw, the peas, in the front yard.
  • Here’s a guy who loved school lunch so much that he blogs about school lunches from around the world. Interesting, although my school’s concept of food was somewhat questionable. I carried a lunch box.
  • Where is there a Catholic school that encourages students to meditate? Auckland. What’s Auckland? The largest city in New Zealand. Meditation is practiced in schools in over 60 countries. How long before the world population will be enlightened? God only knows.
  • If you’re a member of a family of four, odds are that 1.2 of you have sleepwalked at some time in your 1.2 lives. The odds go up for those suffering from severe depression, apnea, heavy drinkers, and people taking sleeping pills (Maybe they should be called partly-sleeping, partly-sleepwalking pills).