“We never forget how to ride a bicycle but we often forget how to be kind.” ~Two-bit Guru

  • If you’ve been having trouble making sense of the universe, reducing it down and cooking it up into patterns and colors that make absolute sense in the same way that fruitcake makes sense, well, your worries are over. Charles Fleischer’s TEDtalk will have you smacking your forehead with the palm of your hand as you say, “Of course! Everything is moleeds.” Enjoy.
  • Not only did Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence, serve as president of the USA, invent the hideaway bed as well as macaroni and cheese, and a macaroni extruding device (among other things) he also had one heck of garden. Read all about it, and find a link to some Jeffersonian recipes. Wow! What a guy!
  • Here’s a 16 year-old who has spent the past year building his own house, all 130 square feet of it, using used materials wherever possible, with plans to take it with him to college. Yep. It’s got wheels. Another Thomas Jefferson in the making?
  • When I was in school I thought most of it was a waste of time. Now that I’m older and wiser with oodles of experience I still think it was a waste of time. I didn’t think it was dangerous until I read this oh-so-right-on and entertaining piece.
  • Combine a stress test with a stress-relieving online breathing exercise to make you melloooooow, both offering the opportunity to take a stress-reducing online course. If I’d have scored any lower on the stress test I’d be dead. Meditation pays off!