We’ve heard “All things in moderation,” over and over and over and over and over. ~Two-bit Guru

  • The length of your life is directly related to the length of your telomeres. If you want to learn what telomeres are, and how to encourage them to grow longer, or at least not get any shorter, check this out.
  • Here is the anodyne for everything that ails you. Really. Everything is OK.
  • The stillness of introversion is not only creative and inspirational, it has provided us with thinkers and leaders that have changed the world. A terrific TEDtalk by Susan Cain.
  • Can a bracelet imbued with ionic hoopla or magnetic abracadabra heal your body? Apparently not, unless the placebo effect is doing the healing. In defense of metallic object healing, though, I admit that I have worn a copper bracelet for elbow and shoulder pain. It worked, and I don’t feel that it was the placebo effect.
  • A being after my own desires, the writer of this blog, a Presbyterian Chaplain, loves trash.  Includes an epiphany and a slide show of art created from junk. A delight, although a bit long on the religious connections.