Meditation is breaking out all over. Doctors are meditating and advising their patients to meditate. I advised my own doctor about meditation years ago, and now he’s advising his other patients. Knowledge of the physical and emotional health benefits of meditation is widespread, and becoming more so. Lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

Athletes, actors, celebrities, spiritual people, religious people, non-believing people, all kinds of people are meditating.

And I have just become aware of one politician who not only meditates, but is promoting meditation as the key to solving many of our problems. There may be more politicians thinking along these lines, or better, practicing along these lines but to the best of my knowledge, Tim Ryan, Congressman from Ohio’s 17th District, is so far the only one.

Congressman Ryan recognizes that as more of us get in touch with our inner being, the better off our society will be. He even dares to call it a “quiet revolution.” This is one kind of revolution I can embrace wholeheartedly.

The quiet revolution, the gentle revolution, has already begun with groups such as the Global Coherence Initiative, that practice meditations at specific times with meditators in all parts of the world. Yoga and meditation center participants meditate individually at the same time as others to promote world peace, for example. Spiritual groups conduct full moon meditations to promote world-wide love.

At one time, meditation was thought of as an esoteric practice. This isn’t so anymore. The most accessible, simplest way to meditate is to sit with your spine comfortably straight (not military-straight), close your eyes, focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath. Breathe through the nostrils. Accept any thoughts that might come by, and then let them go.

I am working on an article (or short book) for Amazon about how to meditate. Meditation is for Everyone.

Congressman Ryan has already written a book, Mindful Nation, furthering the idea that we can change our world for the better by embarking on the inner journey.

Principle source for this post: Natural News