Archive: May 2012

Opportunity knocks. That’s what we’ve been told. You hear stories all the time about the unshaven couch potato in a tank top undershirt who lolls around in the recliner watching TV all day and night, eating (perhaps) potato chips, drinking (perhaps) beer, when … suddenly … there’s a knock at the door. Why, it’s Opportunity! […]

“Trouble, how many ways do I detest thee? Let me count the ways.” ~Not Quite William Shakespeare. In a lot of ways we do create our own reality but sometimes undesirable events occur in our lives in which we have no say whatsoever. A bolt of lightning, for instance, that kills or maims us. We […]

“An open-minded person sees the sameness amid the differences. A closed-minded person sees only the differences.” ~Two-bit Guru Is there a magical way to enhance HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in your body and get a cardio workout all in no more than one hour a week? Yes there is, but it’s not magic. It’s […]

Wheatgrass in one of the easiest things to grow. You can be assured of an excellent crop every time. While making wheatgrass juice the kitchen fills with a wonderful aroma that says there is something nutritious going on here. I’ve never smelled anything like it. It’s a special kind of air freshener. The deep, deep […]

“How do I love thee, Wheatgrass? Let me count the ways.” ~William Shakespeare, more or less. What can wheatgrass juice do for you? For one thing, it can improve blood disorders, probably because there is only a slight difference between the hemoglobin molecule in the blood and the chlorophyll molecule in the plant. Hemoglobin has […]

“We never forget how to ride a bicycle but we often forget how to be kind.” ~Two-bit Guru If you’ve been having trouble making sense of the universe, reducing it down and cooking it up into patterns and colors that make absolute sense in the same way that fruitcake makes sense, well, your worries are […]

We may laugh when we see some angry fool carrying on, at least until he or she breaks something or hits somebody, or worse. At that point we might unleash our own angry fool, and a battle ensues. We might not so easily see the anger as a parasite within ourselves. The angry fool most […]

Here’s a look at what’s going on with Garden Cam 2. You can read Part I here. You can see parts of the 3 rows on this camera. The second raspberry plot is at the bottom of the frame. The raspberry canes are about 2 feet high now. The semi-dwarf Honeycrisp apple tree is toward […]

We’ve heard “All things in moderation,” over and over and over and over and over. ~Two-bit Guru The length of your life is directly related to the length of your telomeres. If you want to learn what telomeres are, and how to encourage them to grow longer, or at least not get any shorter, check […]

Now that both garden cams are merrily humming along, I thought this might be a good opportunity to describe the garden, or what you can see of it on cam 1. The garden is comprised of 7 wide rows, from the narrowest at 3 feet to the widest at 6 feet. You can see parts […]