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I found the wire shelving for the indoor greenhouse as one of those remarkable coincidences that seem to not be coincidences at all. I was thinking about where I might find adjustable height shelving at a bargain to start seedlings for the garden.

I had imagined what sort of shelving I wanted and a week later four such units manifested themselves in the basement of my office building. What a pleasant and useful surprise!

An accounting office was moving out of the building and they were willing to sell the units at a very reasonable price. Not only that, they had nine more identical units for sale. These are very well-built, adjustable, and with substantial locking casters to boot. I use the original four to start seedlings and for houseplants year-round. I use the other nine for storage.

After years of experiencing favorable coincidences, I have come to the conclusion that such events occur when we are doing something we are meant to be doing. For me, good things often happen around the garden and garden-related activities. Sometimes I feel as though it wasn’t my choosing gardening as a major part of my life, it was the universe choosing gardening for me.

It’s quite possible that the one Source guides us by putting good things in our path when we are on the right path. All this could be an illusion but I don’t think so.

A valuable lesson in this might be that we shouldn’t waste our time striving to accomplish something in an area where we just don’t seem to be in harmony. This becomes obvious if we know someone who has, say, a significant musical talent. If they don’t pursue music we are likely to think they have made a big mistake.

In different areas the talent may not be so obvious as it is with music. It may not even be obvious to ourselves. How should we deal with that situation? In my life I have found that intuition has been the best source of guidance for me. Rather than trying to rationally choose a direction, when we trust our intuition we discover our passion. Passion feeds harmony and harmony sets the stage for favorable coincidence, even if it’s something as simple as finding the exact shelving we need at that time.