“We humans put different names on the one Source, then we fight with each other over the different names. Silly humans.” ~ Two-bit Guru

  • Attention, Doodlers, you’ve been exonerated! Doodling is not mindless. Doodling helps us think and retain. Doodling stimulates creativity. But we knew that all along, didn’t we? If you didn’t know that, watch this TEDtalk and get enlightened as to the many benefits of doodling.
  • If you don’t know what epigenetics is, you ought to find out, right here in this Dr. Mercola piece. Contrary to a popular theory, our future is not determined by our genes because we can control how our genetic traits are expressed, with our minds. Mind-blowing at the very least.
  • Beautiful nature photos adorn this article about Earth meditation. It not only says to go out into nature, it says to bring nature into the house. I’ve tracked in a fair amount of the garden soil and I’ve got hundreds of seedlings growing in windows and under lights. I guess I’ve fulfilled that objective.