“After years of observing people I believe humanity’s greatest skill is gossip.” ~ Two-bit Guru


  • In the past, I’ve linked to articles about a number of different methods for enhancing our brain performance. Research puts it all together here by stating that physical exercise, certain forms of counseling and meditation can all cause changes for the better. The changes are measurable, too, using the tools of neuroscience. I expect one of the tools is the MRI machine.
  • This science writer, Jonah Lehrer, actually studied neuroscience so the dude must know what he’s talking about when he tells us how to be creative. His book IMAGINE is a terrific read wherein he tells about Bob Dylan’s creativity, and W.H. Auden’s poetry, and more. This is a fine interview with Lehrer. He even talks about drugs, for some the trigger to enhanced creativity, although don’t tell your mother I told you to do drugs.
  • Neuroscientists just can’t seem to leave other people’s brains alone. Here is some research into the brain of the great 20th century painter, Henri Matisse. Interesting stuff particularly when Science says Matisse was a neuroscientist. I myself wouldn’t go that far, but then maybe everyone is a neuroscientist, equality demands it.
  • When a couple of scientists get together to talk about music, would you expect that 1) they’d discuss and compare Carrie Underwood at #8 on the Country Charts or Katy Perry at #3 on the Pop Charts, or 2) debate whether music is a product of nature or nurture? The answer is # 2, which will probably break the hearts of country and pop fans alike, but for the rest of us this is a darn interesting topic.


  • If you’ve been hankering lately to eat flowers here’s a handy guide for you. Nice pictures and good advice about flowers you shouldn’t eat. Disclaimer: I’m not advocating that you eat flowers, or anything else for that matter. No siree. You’re on your own here.
  • Earth Day is coming around again, April 22. What better way to get in the mood for the event than by reading an interview with an environmental activist from way back whose middle name is “Tree.”
  • A pleasant overview of alternate medicine practices …
  • Another overview of holistic health and living, stressing the need to look at the big picture. If you’re religious you’d likely bring God into it. If you’re “spiritual but not religious” you’d likely bring spirit into it. If you’re neither of those you’ll find plenty of value here as well. A rare thing these days: Something for everybody.


  • A straight-forward piece about meditation and 5 reasons to take up the practice. This is my kind of approach to the subject. A bunch of source and related links here too, characteristic of everything from natural news.
  • Not only did I not know that social entrepreneurs have conferences, I didn’t know that there were social entrepreneurs. Seven spiritual practices are offered, starting with meditation and the power of nature. You can be sure the article resonated with me. It looks like I’m a sort of two-bit social entrepreneur, too.
  • Medicare coverage of yoga and meditation is only the introduction to this article about the benefits of practices that prevent heart disease.
  • Awareness visits high school detention by offering the option for detentionees to participate in meditation sessions instead of traditional disciplinary measures. Wow, meditation is breaking out all over.