The only justification I have for bothering to make seed pots out of toilet paper roll cores is that it gives me the opportunity to honor one of my life principles: Find at least one secondary use for most everything. Although this practice might not contribute hugely to the sustainability movement on planet earth, it does gratify my Inner Trash Picker.

When these paper pots are done they will become food for my red wiggler worms. The paper cores could, and have, gone directly into feeding the worms but getting one extra use out of them is better than not. The worms, in turn, will contribute castings to fertilize the garden. The garden will, in turn, provide delicious vegetables to eat. The leftover vegetables we don’t eat will feed the worms. And so on forever.

The main thing, in my estimation, is to have a little fun and get a little satisfaction from whatever we do. Or have a lot of fun and get a lot of satisfaction. There’s no limit.

A couple of notes on the video:

The 2 by 2 used as the post in the pot-forming jig isn’t actually 2 inches by 2 inches but more like 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. They call them 2 by 2’s the same way we go on calling a dollar a dollar—They’re both a lot smaller than what they used to be.

The little tin can watering can design is based on the full-size Dramm plastic watering cans that provide a gentle shower for the plants. This little tin can version is very gentle, too, although it has no sprinkler head (a rosette). The tip can get right down near the soil so as to not damage delicate seedlings, or disturb the soil much.

All it takes to make one is a tin can, a length of brass hobby tubing and a smidgen of solder, or a dab of epoxy. I look forward to doing the video soon on how to make a little can like this for yourself.