“Hit your thumb with a hammer and you’ll know that hammers and thumbs go together about as well as blowtorches and ice cream.”–Two-bit Guru


  • You might have suspected this all along but Science has now demonstrated that your brain is plaid. Not gingham, not polkadot, not gabardine, but plaid. Science has not yet investigated whether your brain wears a kilt. Intriguing graphics on this one.
  • This is not your brain on a frying pan, this is your brain drugged on anesthesia, where research has looked into where your consciousness goes (it goes away) and how it comes back as you gain consciousness. The ubiquitous MRI images of brain science show what happens.
  • Using genetically engineered mice and a light, scientists are able to bring back bad memories, I think in the mice. This article was complicated enough that I wasn’t exactly clear on who was having the bad memories, the mice or the researchers. If the mice were having the bad memories I suppose at least one of the memories might be of getting genetically engineered in the first place.
  • This article touts the ubiquitous idea that solving puzzles keeps your brain fresh and healthy. It also states that since the population of India is growing, by 2050 there will be more people over 65 (Huh!), and therefore a greater number of people will have dementia (Double Huh). It doesn’t say anything about getting a word like “ubiquitous” stuck in your head like a maddening jingle.


  • If you’re suffering from a cough, one of these 6 ubiquitous herbs ought to help.
  • Another ubiquitous, and long and informative article from the ubiquitous Dr. Mercola about the wild stuff growing in your yard that you can eat. The article quotes wild plant expert Sergei Boutenko, who cautions against eating any non-edibles that may be growing right along with the edibles. Sergei says, “If you’re anything like me, then you too prefer to avoid any form of poisoning whether it is mild or severe.” You betcha, Sergei, I’m 100% like you, at least on that point, along with everyone else on this planet.
  • The top 10 herbs and spices to strengthen your immune system. Solve a simple puzzle (fight dementia) and see how many of these are the same as the 6 cough curing herbs mentioned above.
  • According to this writer, tomatoes have multiple personalities. Maybe some folks are spending a little too much time talking to their garden? Maybe the plants are engaging in a dialog with them? The article goes on to reveal the different types, of tomatoes.


  • Wanna keep your brain healthy? Forget the above-mentioned puzzles. Rather than filling up your brain with 3-letter words for ubiquitous, empty it through meditation.
  • Using spirituality to overcome illness has become a lot more popular than it used to be, according to this article. Since we haven’t yet cracked the code to immortality, there will be that one time when spirituality won’t work. C’est la vie. C’est la mort.
  • This article is along the lines of what I tell people about meditation: start out with a minute or two. Meditation is not a competitive sport and going 10 or 15 minutes or an hour or a week of continuous meditation isn’t necessary at first. A nice article with a link to techniques, too.
  • Yoga beginners: How to avoid mistakes. Read this before you get your feet stuck behind your head.