“Food is medicine or poison, depending on which kind you choose to eat.” ~Two-bit Guru


  • A respected scientist says that our brains might be infected with parasites that alter our behavior. The parasites come from cats. Don’t you agree that there is something fishy about the way cats sometimes look at you?
  • We need neurological downtime to counteract the dopamine that’s overwhelming us because of media bombardment of our brains. Huh? I thought dopamine was good for us. The answer is quite a popular practice these days: mindfulness.
  • Love, the kind that involves 20 second kisses and 30 second hugs, can change your brain, if directed toward your one and only. If your hugs and kisses are lavished on somebody else I wouldn’t count on it changing your brain, but it would likely change your partner’s mind.
  • Here’s a swell thought: 2 or 3 years before your Big Demise your thinking ability is going to decline faster than a runaway roller coaster. If you play games or do puzzles you stand a better chance of putting the brakes on your decline, but you still won’t live forever. Darn!


  • If you have a brain this will make you think and if you’re anything like me it will make you mad, too. I don’t get angry about much but when you read “A Farmer Commits Suicide by Pesticide Every 30 Minutes in India” it’s enough to make your blood boil.
  • Spices that heal. Natural is best, and there’s 9 of them here.
  • And for a follow-up, 5 foods that are good for the blood vessels.
  • Twenty things to do in the garden around Easter time (not counting looking for eggs and bunnies).


  • Prayer is good. Meditation is good. Take your pick, or take both. They’re free!
  • Mindfulness techniques for bed, shower, car. In the car, please do remember to keep your eyes open.
  • What kind of party is that, with no drugs and no alcohol? It’s a Yoga Rave and by the looks of things it’s a good one.
  • Mindfulness invades the business schools. How about: The transaction in me sees the transaction in you? Maybe, maybe not, but awareness is useful everywhere.