Archive: April 2012

Part 1 can be found here. I found the wire shelving for the indoor greenhouse as one of those remarkable coincidences that seem to not be coincidences at all. I was thinking about where I might find adjustable height shelving at a bargain to start seedlings for the garden. I had imagined what sort of […]

“We humans put different names on the one Source, then we fight with each other over the different names. Silly humans.” ~ Two-bit Guru Attention, Doodlers, you’ve been exonerated! Doodling is not mindless. Doodling helps us think and retain. Doodling stimulates creativity. But we knew that all along, didn’t we? If you didn’t know that, […]

I continue to do experiments with stretching the garden season to year-round. If I can grow greens continually, there will be no reason to freeze greens. My plans include adding more cold frames and perhaps a miniature hoop house. In addition to the kale and leeks and lettuce and spinach that made it through the […]

Stuff & Clutter seem to go together, as the song might have said, like love & marriage. You can’t have one without the other. Like love & marriage, stuff and clutter is fraught with conflicting emotions. We might love our stuff (or our spouse), but sometimes the clutter (or the marriage) is almost too much […]

“After years of observing people I believe humanity’s greatest skill is gossip.” ~ Two-bit Guru FOR THE MIND: In the past, I’ve linked to articles about a number of different methods for enhancing our brain performance. Research puts it all together here by stating that physical exercise, certain forms of counseling and meditation can all […]

What’s better than a garden cam? Two garden cams! I’m hoping, actually we’re hoping, to have the second one up and running in about another week. [Edit: The second one is now up and running. You can view it here.] The garden is constructed with 42-inch wide paths, just wide enough to accommodate the garden […]

The only justification I have for bothering to make seed pots out of toilet paper roll cores is that it gives me the opportunity to honor one of my life principles: Find at least one secondary use for most everything. Although this practice might not contribute hugely to the sustainability movement on planet earth, it […]

“Hit your thumb with a hammer and you’ll know that hammers and thumbs go together about as well as blowtorches and ice cream.”–Two-bit Guru FOR THE MIND: You might have suspected this all along but Science has now demonstrated that your brain is plaid. Not gingham, not polkadot, not gabardine, but plaid. Science has not […]

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book OUTLIERS, he writes about the 10,000 hours of practice required of talented people in any field to become the best. The whole book is a fascinating read but somewhat disappointing in that without a fortuitous mix of ability, determination, and luck (including birth date), most of us aren’t going to become […]

It might seem like a screwy idea to use a plastic container for a water conduit but it works perfectly well, and it’s free. I like free. Besides liking free (who doesn’t?) I also like the idea of reusing and upcycling–in a minor sort of way in this case. I considered writing a highfalutin bit […]