“The bureaucratic mind is an oxymoron.” ~Two-bit Guru


  • Apparently the mind is stimulated by a story about an event as much as actually participating in the event. Who needs reality?
  • With new methods for looking at neurons signaling each other, a neuroscientist says we can begin mapping the neural networks of our brains.
  • If a human brain is split in half to treat epilepsy, all kinds of problems arise. No kidding. Reminds me of Lizzie Borden, but rest assured there’s no axe here.
  • Stimulate a few neurons and remember complex events, and this was known in the early 1900’s. They were also scooping out parts of the brain to treat epilepsy. No Lizzie Borden here, either.



  • A mantram is a vocalized instrument of thought, a mantra is silence. Chanting, then. Chanting is effective in reducing PTSD in veterans.
  • Ben and Jerry have been a couple of cool dudes as long as I’ve know of them. Jerry (Greenfield) speaks here about ice cream, spirituality,
    and big corporate meanies.
  • Deepak Chopra clues us in on the use and misuse of gratitude. I didn’t know there was bad gratitude. Learn something new every day,
    if you read Deepak. Why is it that he’s always so darned right?
  • Besides stretching your muscles and keeping your joints and your mood in good shape, yoga can also help caregivers cope. The article uses chanting, too. Maybe we all ought to get into chanting and see if it cures whatever ails us.