“The other guy’s work is always easy.” –Two-bit Guru



  • Lovely picture of earthworms in the piece about getting the soil ready for planting.
  • All about mycorrhizae fungus in soil. Although not mentioned in the article, the great Sir Albert Howard, organic grower extraordinaire, adored mycorrhizae. Any fungus that’s a friend of Sir Albert is a friend of mine.
  • Lettuce & herbs, direct seeded in the garden, easy stuff to do, the article says.
  • How does your garden grow? Seaweed, fish guts, and lobster carcasses are a good start, along with other stuff, dead and living, from the beach.


  • Take the mystery out of meditation and what have you got? Meditation. Zen joke or Zen koan, depending.
  • You might not know how to balance a beach ball on your nose without running into a light pole but this article will tell you how to balance your chakras with colors.
  • Nine definitions of nine different kinds of yoga. Handy to know in the yoga studio, handy to know at the juice bar.
  • Be happy, meditate, and transform yourself along the way.