While we may touch the eternal through meditation, the body goes on deteriorating like all living bodies must do. Although our demise is an ongoing process there are enticing rallies, like stocks in a bear market, that give us hope that the game ain’t over yet.

In the wintertime the demise inches forward, or downward, as my hands are colder than they used to be because the hair on my head is thinner than it used to be. To counteract this I wear a knit cap around the house like an old peasant grandpa, which is apt because my Grandpa was an old peasant, and I’m also a grandpa.

Image courtesy of Kool Cat.

When I was younger I consumed gallons, or barrels, of caffeinated beverages–coffee, soda, black tea. I consumed as many, or more, gallons, or barrels, of alcoholic beverages. I also was a chocolate fiend.

Then one day my tummy said, Enough. It gave me the ultimatum that if I kept pouring all that acidic beverage into my belly it was going to barf, literally. The digestive system didn’t tolerate chocolate any longer, either.

Although my diet hadn’t been terrible, I became more conscious of proper eating habits. Along the way I learned that green tea is very healthy, full of antioxidants. I tried drinking green tea but, no dice. My belly remembered the caffeine of the earlier times better than I did.

After years of generally healthy eating, one day I risked having a small piece of dark chocolate, on the pretext that it’s good for you. By the next day, nothing had happened. That day I ate two small pieces of dark chocolate. My tummy remained calm and I remain conservative in my chocolate consumption.

Several months ago I gave the green tea a whirl again. Nothing bad happened. Perhaps I have stumbled on the right combination of foodstuffs to offset the caffeine effect, permitting me to have chocolate and green tea.

Image courtesy of Kool Cat.

This is one of those enticing rallies contrary to the aging process. Other upward swings occur in my life, too, tempting me to believe in a childish way that maybe the physical body can live forever, or at least for a long, long time.

If nothing else, the green tea has a benefit beyond healthfulness, a benefit seldom discussed. Clutching the cup keeps my hands warm.