“As exercise, yoga is a chore. As communion with spirit it is a joy.” –Eno Yaw


  • Some say older folks should exercise their brains to avoid Alzheimers. Science says that as yet nothing has been proven. I say if oldsters, like me, get a kick out of learning go for it.
  • A longish interview with a novelist who is also a scientist who somehow melds neuroscience with novel writing. Seems like a reach to me.
  • Apparently the left-brain-logical-right-brain-creative dictum isn’t quite so structured as we had believed. It’s looking like we use both sides for creative processing. What? You’re saying a whole brain is better than a half-brain? Who would’ve thunk it?
  • If you want to change your brain, or your kids’ brains, for the better, play video games. The violent action games have the most beneficial effect of the brain, whether you like it or not.


  • This piece about comfrey has spurred my interest to grow some of it.
  • Taoist tai chi or Tai chi ch’uan, take your pick in this piece.


  • We all know that being is cool. Here’s a BE for you, breathe and expand, not only your lungs but your awareness. In one minute. Sounds good to me.