“I’d live in the moment except there are so many of them to choose from.” –Eno Yaw



  • Listen to the interview or read the text to learn about fascinating research into mapping our neural connections, and the connections of a tiny worm one millimeter long.
  • If willpower takes too much effort for you, tests show that sniffing rosemary boosts brain power. Ain’t science wonderful?
  • How mindfulness can rewire our brains and improve our relationships. Your brain is probably a lot smarter than you think.



  • Eleven varieties of lettuce are described here. Grow them all and you’ll probably have the best salad you ever tasted.



  • Go to Korea, stay with monks, chant, participate in monastic ceremonies and talks, walk the grounds. The monks say when you leave you will feel very different from before. I believe it.
  • Breathe a huge sigh of relief to discover that the Mayan Elders announce that their calendar does not predict the end of the world but the end of the Fifth Period of the Sun, and the expectation of the dawn of the Sixth Period of the Sun. If the world should end we ought not blame it on the Mayans.