Startup Accelerator number 10 is coming up this Saturday, March 3, from 9 am to who-knows-when (usually winds down around 4-5 pm although some folks stick around to chat after). At Sector67, 2100 Winnebago Street, Madison, WI 53704. It’s an unconference for entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone who just wants to see what it’s all about. And it’s FREE.

Startup Accelerator 8 in Madison was a whole lot of fun and I met a bunch of interesting people.

Participants are invited to facilitate their own break-out sessions, too. Sign up to facilitate a session on the Startup web site or at the unconference on Saturday.

I will be leading a meditation session for the fourth time with the Startup Accelerator project.

Here’s what the organizers say:

Startup Accelerator is an event where everyone can contribute and pick topics to learn or teach. Bring your expertise, creativity and curiosity. If you have a project, are an entrepreneur, a professional, an idea person or just need a fresh perspective, this is for you.

How is Startup Accelerator different?

Here’s the meditation promo:

According to a USA Today article, entrepreneurs are more likely to pray and/or meditate than the rest of the population: 32% say meditation, and 34% say prayer. The benefits of meditation include lower blood pressure, more energy, greater creativity and improved concentration, more confidence, vitality, and peacefulness, and many more. This workshop is participatory and fun. No experience necessary.

You’re invited to show up and unleash your creativity, or at least take a relaxing breath or two.

Enlightenment not guaranteed.

Dave Hendrickson (aka Eno Yaw)