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Last Sunday night the Mothership ride was a more-than-interesting trip, indeed. As host Dobie Maxwell would say, there was a good vibe. Good vibe, good energy, good chemistry. I had originally intended to do part of the first hour but ended up staying until the flight was over at midnight. I’m glad I did.

Guest Bruce Van Natta was a show stopper. To all the folks who watched the Oscars instead of listening to the Mothership all I can say is follow the links to learn more about this man.

Bruce has a fascinating story to tell. To sum it up in fewer words than the story deserves, Bruce had a near-death experience in 2006 when the front assembly of a logging truck he was working on collapsed and crushed his midsection. He tells how his spirit rose up toward the ceiling and watched as two angels attended to the dying body, “holding me together,” in Bruce’s words. For a time he didn’t realize that the body lying on the floor was his.

When a paramedic urged him to reach for what was meaningful in his life, he thought of his wife and young kids. The spirit returned to the body, and to excruciating pain.

His ordeal wasn’t over.

Having lost most of his small intestine, he survived on intravenous feeding but was told by doctors that he could not last long that way. His weight dropped from 180 to 126 pounds.

A healer in, I think, California was called by God, according to Bruce, to come and pray over him. The healer did and Bruce recovered. By the way, Bruce had never been much of a church-goer.

The story doesn’t end there.

He wrote a book, “Saved by Angels,” and started the Sweet Bread Ministry. He’s told his story over 400 times, so far.

The story in it’s entirety is beyond marvelous. It is miraculous.

Bruce speaks with the directness of someone who has both witnessed and experienced an event. He speaks with humility.

Best of all, he is spreading the news that there is more to being than our physical bodies. The eternal soul lives.

I’m glad I stayed to listen.