Archive: March 2012

“There’s a lot of difference between a showman and a shaman” -Two-bit Guru FOR THE MIND: If you’re in a boring discussion and think you might nod off, relax (sort of) because your brain will actually perk up the droning voices you are hearing and make them more interesting to you in your head. Might […]

Getting the first seeds started in the spring requires an adjustment attitude from the winter hunkering-down to the openness of springtime. I have some resistance to getting going in March. Little dark seeds like broccoli can try one’s patience but with the handy seed dispenser shown in the video the job goes smoothly. With the […]

I was planning to make a small stand for a barrel of worms (another post for another time), using saved or salvaged scrap lumber from the basement. It wouldn’t have cost anything, except my time, but time’s one commodity I’m often short on. Then one Sunday morning we were out for a walk and came […]

“The bureaucratic mind is an oxymoron.” ~Two-bit Guru FOR THE MIND: Apparently the mind is stimulated by a story about an event as much as actually participating in the event. Who needs reality? With new methods for looking at neurons signaling each other, a neuroscientist says we can begin mapping the neural networks of our […]

Yogi Sathya Sai Baba was said to manifest actual things, wrist watches, earrings, necklaces, and more. If he was making the stuff out of thin air that is truly a remarkable miracle. If he was somehow pilfering the goods from innocent victims through cosmic channels then that is miraculous, too, although the miracle would probably […]

Decades ago, I had a friend, an intellectual, a fellow American, who knew a lot about India, its religions, its obscure languages, its culture. He once declared to me, Americans want to possess enlightenment. This insight was so accurate that it has stuck with me all these years. I can’t pretend that I haven’t gone […]

“The other guy’s work is always easy.” –Two-bit Guru FOR THE MIND: Ain’t it the berries? They’re good for the brain. First berries, now music. Is everything good for the brain? Love, don’t forget love. Yep, true for children’s brains anyway. Stress! Stress is bad for the brain, eats holes in it. So, not everything […]

While we may touch the eternal through meditation, the body goes on deteriorating like all living bodies must do. Although our demise is an ongoing process there are enticing rallies, like stocks in a bear market, that give us hope that the game ain’t over yet. In the wintertime the demise inches forward, or downward, […]

“Cords. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.” –Two-Bit Guru Everyone knows you can put a pile of cords in a box and when you try to take the cords out of the box they are all jumbled up (although not hopelessly so unless you’re overly melodramatic). Nobody seems to know why cords get […]

“As exercise, yoga is a chore. As communion with spirit it is a joy.” –Eno Yaw FOR THE MIND: Some say older folks should exercise their brains to avoid Alzheimers. Science says that as yet nothing has been proven. I say if oldsters, like me, get a kick out of learning go for it. A […]