Ionosphere. Image courtesy of NASA via Wikimedia Commons.

In my previous two posts, I wrote about the chance events that can dramatically alter our lives and observed that Chaos Theory tells us that small actions like the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can lead to the formation of a tornado in Texas.

Magnetosphere. Image courtesy of NASA via Wikimedia Commons

I wonder whether the butterfly’s wing flapping could lead to a more desirable event than a tornado, like say a kiss that begins a life-long relationship between two lovers. Butterflies do seem to be more compatible with kissing than with wind storms.

Another way of looking at small events with huge consequences is to consider how much we humans may be contributing to, or detracting from, a higher energy state in the big world. It could be that the butterfly is an innocent patsy and the Texas tornado evolved because of the state of mind of a passel of human beings. There is a world-wide group currently investigating just such matters.

The Global Coherence Initiative monitors fluctuations in the earth’s ionosphere and in its magnetic fields. These folks aren’t a bunch of mystics–not that I have any problem with mystics—but rather GCI is science-based and intent on facilitating a shift in global consciousness from chaotic to balanced. They believe, and I believe along with them, that there exists a symbiotic relationship between the vibes of the earth’s magnetic fields and the vibes of human beings.

Ionosphere. Image courtesy of NASA via Wikimedia Commons.

Research shows a correlation between the rhythms of the ionosphere and human activities like birth rates and how we die. We influence the rhythms of the planet and those rhythms influence us. GCI further wants to study how mass human emotionality is reflected in the earth’s magnetic field.

The key is that if we get ourselves into a coherent state—a state that I would call meditative—we increase the positive energy on the planet. GCI says if we do this in unison we will increase the positive energy even more. This is like one tuning fork creating a sympathetic vibration in a similar tuning fork. Or like a rowing team all moving in sync.

If we all act for the good of one another and the good of the planet, the symbiosis monitor might fly off the chart. And we all may be filled with the quiet bliss of Knowing.