“Remember to play after every storm!”
Mattie Stepanek

If you’ve read my previous Creating Your Own Reality posts you probably agree that at least some of the time and in some ways we can influence and dramatically effect our reality. I’m going to make a bold statement and say that every moment of our lives we have the opportunity to create a positive reality. No matter what.

Play the hand you're dealt in cards or life. Image courtesy of Takkk via Wikimedia Commons.

This isn’t much different from saying you have to play the hand you’re dealt, except in my game there are no losers.

I’m going on the assumption here that everyone would like to live in a positive reality. There are people who seem to prefer the negative. The magic works for them, too. Just reverse the meaning of the words to the negative and your wishes will come true.

The key to understanding what I mean is that we’re not talking about controlling our reality but creating it. Big difference. Events occur that are completely out of our control but not exempt from our creating a reality (positive or negative) from them.

There are tragedies that are best dealt with through a grieving process initially, but in time the grieving gives way to different feelings and if those feelings are positive we are a lot better off than if we accept sadness as the next step in our journey.

Sad or happy, it's your choice. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Clinging to a negative event, wallowing in misery, urges us down that staircase to the dingy basement of sadness. When I was developing my thoughts and feelings about positive-negative, I once said that I don’t know if positive thinking works but I know for dang sure that negative thinking does. These days I believe that positive thinking is more powerful than negative.

The reason things work this way is perception. How we perceive things is how they are. This is true for events relating to the five senses, the events of the physical, as well as the thought events of the mind and intuitive events of the soul, such as we discover in meditation.

This is the fabric of our reality and we are constantly creating it, up or down, plus or minus, good or bad.

If you find my thesis difficult to accept, please read about Mattie Stepanek who was dealt one of the worst hands possible and became one of the most extraordinary beings in the universe before he died just a few weeks short of his 14th birthday.