We are all running headlong toward where we already are.


  • Ira Flatow at NPR interviews neuroscientist Robert Knight who has done research on correlating words people hear with brain activity. Spooky speculation on whether brain waves could be monitored to read thoughts.
  • If you’ve ever wondered whether metaphors are related to the region of the brain that senses texture through touch, then you’re at the right link. Fascinating research.
  • MRI research is being planned on compassion, kindness and altruism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Brain patterns will be studied and correlations will be made between the laboratory and every-day behavior.



  • If you’re a gardener and looking to grow heirloom plants this year, these folks have a list of the best seed catalogs. Their fav is Seed Saver’s Exchange. Mine too!
  • Oat straw is the real deal for healing osteoporosis, mending bones, reducing anxiety and more. And it is found in a number of male sexual performance.
  • Here’s encouragement for the beginning organic gardener. Working with a one square yard plot you can grow at least some of your own veggies.



  • Co-founder of The Chopra Center, Dr. David Simon, will be honored in a 21-Day Meditation ChallengeTM starting this month. Dr. Simon has brought meditation to countless people who have benefited both physically and emotionally from the experience.