My credentials for spouting off about the spiritual realm are limited compared to others who have undergone deep study and rigorous discipline to arrive at spiritual truths. No PhD here, no ashram experience, no Master in the flesh who showed me the Way.

Nevertheless, being human, I have no qualms about saying how I think It Is.

My construction of the human/spirit experience goes something like this: In the physical sense we are humans. Attached to this physical human is a spirit or soul or universal being. There may be different levels of this kind of relationship. The spirit may be something short of the All-That-Is, or God, or even an angel. There may be more than one spirit per human. There’s a lot we don’t know but we do know that the connection between body and soul isn’t all that simple.

I can imagine that the soul, riding piggyback on the host human being, must be embarrassed for the body a lot of the time. The body is well-designed for what it does: eat, sleep, make babies, defend itself, and like that. But it is often deficient in grasping the significance of the soul traveling on this earthly journey with it.

In the process of living, the body generates sweat, coughs, sneezes, flatulence, stomach gurgles, belches, puke, snot, assorted boudoir juices and aromas, halitosis, poop, urine, grunts, groans and now and then semi-violent verbal outpourings.

Look, it's St. Francis! Oops. No, it isn't. "GM Bus" image courtesy of dave_7 via

What must the soul think about all this? It must be like riding on a noisy, stinky bus. The soul must be slunk down in its seat on the bus, hoping that no other soul or spirit or angel catches a glimpse. If another ephemeral being passes by in a limo I’m sure the embarrassed soul on the bus would be eager to explain that in a past life it rode shotgun with none other than St. Francis of Assisi.

The poor soul who abides within the being of the average Nobody has got it good compared to the soul who got stuck with, say, Attila the Hun. It can’t be an easy task to show the way of goodness to the Leader of a Mongolian Horde.

Attila and some of the Horde. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Imagine the horror the soul must feel when Attila declares, “What say we head on over to the Byzantine Empire and slice off some heads?” Does the soul say, “No, Attila, bad Attila. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count to ten?” Attila may have the vaguest of notions that something is trying to tell him something, but it’s a lot easier to hack up hundreds or thousands of people than it is to listen to some interior monolog gunk.

If I could speak to Attila myself, with a bullhorn and from the safety of an armored vehicle, I would suggest that the interior signals, the intuitions, the love that has probably been trying to fill his chest cavity from Day One, all of that is worthwhile. He most likely wouldn’t listen, even if I had a PhD in Spiritual Studies.

I am hoping that there are others who do listen to the many voices who are saying that we humans are in the midst of a great spiritual awakening. And in experiencing that awakening, I hope that there will be many more folks with no credentials, all telling each other and everyone else how It Is. How it really is.