I’m always looking to help my readers find information that can help them on their path (whatever that may be) so each Friday I post a new list of links from around the web. This week covers interesting articles on gardening, meditation and spirituality, as well as some other sites I find interesting.

Gardening and furniture all-in-one

How to garden without stressing yourself out

The relationship between gardening and the honey bee population

The advantages of raised bed gardening

Calming the “lake of the mind” through meditation

Calming benefits of meditation
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Meditation and New Year’s Resolutions
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The experience of silent meditation

Sobriety and meditation

Mindfulness: MRI scans show results
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Setting up a meditation space

The naturalness of the human experience

Practical Spirituality – Very nice piece with a lot of quotes for inspiration

2012: The year of consciousness

Letters to a young poet: what it takes to be an artist