Marlon Brando as "Stanley." Image courtesy of the Library of Congress via Wikipedia Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Carl Van Vechten Collection, reproduction number, LC-DIG-ppmsca-10440

With the New Year getting underway I thought it would be a good time for me to explain just who I am, or who I think I might be. It’s a complicated issue unless one happens to be a basic brutish-style human being. I mean no disrespect to the Stanley Kowalskis of the population but the truth is that some human beings are pretty much absorbed by the material-physical space and not much else.

There are the strictly cognitive types, too, who are often cock-sure that the thinking aspect of being is all there is to it. Born, live, die. How could there possibly be anything beyond what I know and have learned with my five physical senses? Probably, A Lot, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably fretted over the combinations of beings that dwell within your complicated self.

I recognize my Human aspect, like any Brute when it comes to carnal pleasure, and I recognize my Cognitive self as well, but there’s also the Soul, the Source or God or All-That-Is, The Bliss, the Light, and then that tricky Witness who sees my thoughts as they pass by in meditation but doesn’t engage them the way that “I” might.

Who Am I? It seems I am all of these things to different degrees at different times, in different places and different situations. It would be nigh impossible for me to meditate while driving on the freeway. This concept was best explained by the country singer Roger Miller with the song, “You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd.”

We might also consider who or what is everything else, like birds, gardens, rocks, aspirins, and Coca-Cola™.

We might conclude that all these considerations are just too dang hard and go our merry way. But we won’t.

Fortunately, we have the Beach Boys. Yes, the very Beach Boys who gave us “Good Vibrations.” They might not have known what geniuses they were in providing us with The Answer, which is, everything is vibrations.

You, me, the Universe, rocks, even Coca-Cola™, are all vibrations at different frequencies, although the vibes of some of us might be closer to the vibrations of rocks than to anything else. No matter.

Music itself, like all sound, is comprised of vibrations at frequencies we can hear. Light is comprised of vibrations we can see.

Some vibrations we can’t sense with our ears or our eyes but can feel with our bodies, like earth tremors, and some vibrations–what I think of as the subtle ones–we can only sense with our intuition.

When I’m in the garden, either working or idling, I sense what the garden might want from me, either in thought or in action. This might be obvious to another gardener but not so to someone who isn’t tuned in to the “garden frequency.” If a musician needs a note, I’m not the person to call on because although I enjoy music, I don’t know how to create with it.

The ramifications of this sort of thinking, or sensing, or being, are more than interesting, and far too extensive to cover here. When we are able to work with our intuitions we are able to receive a wide range of information that is accessible only by knowing that there’s a lot more to being human than just being Human.

Arial view of the backyard garden, 2009. Image courtesy of Kool Cat.