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In Martin Scorcese’s 2005 documentary about Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, Dylan was asked how he went from being a folksinger performing other musicians’ songs to becoming a powerful creative force nearly overnight. Dylan narrowed his eyes and with a faint smile suggested that maybe he’d gone down to the crossroads. Maybe he did. The […]

Each Friday, I post a list of interesting stories from around the web to help feed your mind, body and soul. Gardening for beginners [Related: Easy plants for beginners] New trends in gardening Mulching for low-maintenance gardening Worms and seaweed for a healthier garden Plant parsley to protect from pests Raised bed gardening Community gardening: […]

In pursuit of spiritual discovery, let’s take a look at a couple of four letter words. Of course, THE four-letter word, the F-word, is a word so Bad that we need another word to describe it. When we say the F-word everybody knows what we mean. Moreover, we all know the word itself (the word […]

What’s wrong with today’s world besides unemployment, global warming, peak oil, warfare, riots, genetically engineered food and pesticides, pollution, world-wide debt both sovereign and personal, and starvation? I left out the destruction of the rainforest, the death of the soil that grows our food, oppression, burgeoning landfills, and more, because I don’t want to sound […]

More stories that feed the Body, Mind and Soul, it’s the Friday Link List! Bill to label GMO food WATCH: A child’s experiment turns into a lesson on the toxins in our food supply [Related: Informative article about the toxicity of herbicides] Try seedstarting to save money [See also: Expert recommendations: seed suppliers for 2012] […]

For a long time I struggled to overcome the intimidation of a blank piece of paper, then later the same sort of intimidation rose up over a blank computer screen. It seemed like it would be easy to begin writing on page 6, or even on page 2, if someone could just hand me page […]

Startup Accelerator number 9 is coming up this Saturday, January 21, from 9 am to who-knows-when (usually winds down around 4-5 pm although some folks stick around to chat after). At Bucketworks, 706 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204. It’s an unconference for entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone who just wants to see what it’s […]

We spend time in the summer growing produce and then spend time in the winter cooking it up and eating it. Not a bad arrangement. There are folks willing to point out that a person would do better spending the time earning money and spending the money at the grocery store. No matter how you […]

Searching the web to bring you stories that feed the Body, Mind and Spirit, it’s the Friday Link List! Memphis school students get involved in organic gardening Urban gardeners in Zimbabwe learn the advantages of companion gardening Is there a gap between traditional gardeners and the new generation? Monsanto spends big bucks lobbying [You might […]

My credentials for spouting off about the spiritual realm are limited compared to others who have undergone deep study and rigorous discipline to arrive at spiritual truths. No PhD here, no ashram experience, no Master in the flesh who showed me the Way. Nevertheless, being human, I have no qualms about saying how I think […]