Much to the chagrin of some folks who need their universe ordered, predictable, and “scientific” (in the sense that all things and events that aren’t understood don’t exist), I tend to lean toward the unknown as the most interesting aspect of any situation, physical, metaphysical, or other.

It’s not surprising to me that I experience significant and/or favorable coincidences quite often, and I’d guess that even the most rigidly logical humans would have to admit that some occurrences do make sense in a way that is inexplicable.

Herein lies a tale, although a tale not as mystical or as significant as one might wish. Tough cookies.

The parking lot at our former office was one way around the building, like a squarish go-cart track with radial parking all along the outer edge.

Even though there were plenty of portrait-style signs with the word “one” at the top and “way” under that and a big arrow at the bottom, the occasional inattentive driver, maybe yammering on a cell phone, would circle the wrong way. It’s not hard to imagine what kind of disaster could occur in such a situation.

Seeing a vehicle going the other way around the building wasn’t exactly annoying to me but it was amusingly jarring as though something had gone kerfuffle in the universe, or at least in the office parking lot. An event like that gives us a glimpse into unexplored possibilities, admittedly not a major glimpse, but we might as well accept what’s available. A similar event occurred to me one Saturday afternoon at the office …

I parked the truck back-end-first into a parking stall while Alayna ran in to pick up something. I glanced in the side rear-view mirror, and Lo!, I noticed that I’d parked right in front of a one-way sign. In the mirror, though, it didn’t read “one way.” It read:



Yes, the “E” and the “N” were backward, as was the arrow, but it was close enough.

It was one of those moments. I had received a sign, not exactly like having the heavens open up and being visited by a Sacred Being, but more along the lines of a sign you could steal from the Department of Transportation.

Wow! Eno Yaw would be one heck of a neat name.

Since I tend to function under the burden of too-much-to-do, I’d often thought it could be a good idea to bring in another personality to help out, and the universe had provided. Eno Yaw could be the guy. Eno could be the guy that Dave, good old steady-Eddie Dave, wasn’t. Eno could, for example, write this blog and obviously that’s what happened.

For a while there I thought Eno might take over the whole shebang, just let Dave fade off into the mist, but the truth is, I’m not like that. I’m loyal to my friends, particularly when one of them is me.

This experience has turned out to be a favorable coincidence, and for all I know (which, with the deepest humility, is quite a bit) the event could be a lot more significant than I ever would have imagined.

It’s a SIGN!