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We did this video blog in about as unprepared a way as you could imagine. No script, no thought, just aim the camera and shoot. You can see that a lot of care went into my wardrobe, too. We plan on doing more video, although this time of year isn’t the best for showing off […]

Tonight, for the second consecutive week, I am scheduled to appear on comedian Dobie Maxwell’s radio show, The Mothership Connection, on Kenosha station WLIP, 1050AM. The show can be streamed live at The Mothership flies from 8 pm to midnight and I plan to be on in the first hour. Rather than appear in […]

This is the day folks give thanks with prayers of appreciation for roast turkey, for the stuffing, for the cranberry sauce, the potatoes, the gravy, the rolls, the pumpkin pie, the veggies, even including the squash that normally has no chance of appreciation at all as compared to the corn or the peas. We might […]

The Eighth Startup Accelerator unconference took place in Madison, WI, at the University of Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery this past Saturday. The Startup Accelerator offers free events, with lunch included, for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-hopefuls to exchange ideas with each other and with folks who have expertise in a variety of areas. In a typical unconference, […]

On Sunday, November 20, I will appear once again on the Mothership Connection radio show, WLIP 1050AM. The show runs from 8 pm to midnight. Streaming worldwide at I expect I’ll be on earlier rather than later, talking about my usual subjects of meditation and gardening, and possibly something about Unconferences, particularly Wisconsin’s Startup […]

I became good friends with Ed Thompson when we made a documentary about him called A Remarkable Man. The title doesn’t do his unique character justice. I have never met anyone else like Ed and I probably never will. After the documentary, Ed and I went on to create a weekly radio commentary, Just a […]

Startup Accelerator number 8 is coming up this Saturday, November 19, from 9 am to who-knows-when. At Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 330 N Orchard Street, Madison, WI 53715. It’s an unconference for entrepreneurs and it’s FREE. I believe the parking is FREE, too. I will be leading a meditation session for the second time with […]

When I was 15 years old I hung out at two primary locations in my hometown, the poolroom and the bowling alley. During one school lunch hour, bowling by myself, I scored a 224 game, far above my average. The strikes seemed to take place with effortless and shattering intensity. The spares were solid and […]

Much to the chagrin of some folks who need their universe ordered, predictable, and “scientific” (in the sense that all things and events that aren’t understood don’t exist), I tend to lean toward the unknown as the most interesting aspect of any situation, physical, metaphysical, or other. It’s not surprising to me that I experience […]

  There are a lot of people running around loose these days who see themselves as being trapped in a rut and they don’t know how they got there. Since these rut-dwellers are unable to export their wisdom to others, who might be seeking a comfortable and properly irritating rut for themselves, I draw on […]