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Let’s say we’re making a machine that will save the world. Don’t ask me how, let’s just say that’s what we are doing. Let’s say that’s our responsibility and our destiny. Let’s say that while we’re working on this machine we have in our fingers a special little gizmo, a transistor, say, that is the […]

The treats in the box never had it so good.

I save the trick or treaters some steps by putting a box of treats out by the side of the road. This year it rained so I gave the candy an umbrella. Lots of rain, lots of dry candy, few kids. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Me at the Startup Accelerator unconference next to the Fox River. Image courtesy of Brandon Wentland.

Last Saturday at the 7th Startup Accelerator unconference for entrepreneurs in Appleton, Wisconsin, the mystery of this new-to-me adventure was somewhat revealed. There were breakout sessions on business structures, on protecting intellectual property, on the traditional model of Great Idea to Talented People to Business Plan to Nirvana (megabucks from a source that has many […]

Allan Edward Thompson (December 25, 1944 – October 22, 2011)

  My wife and I arrived forty-five minutes early at the visitation for Allan Edward Thompson on Sunday, which was scheduled to begin at 2 pm. There were about fifty people already lined up before the chapel doors. The doors were opened twenty minutes early, and by then the line extended out the front door […]

First BarCamp - Image courtesy of ioerror via Wikipedia.

If the phrases “startup accelerator,” “barcamp,” and “foobar” (not to be confused with “fubar”) have little meaning to you, you’re in good company here because until a month or so ago these words were mysteries to me, too. They mostly still are. They all have to do with a group of people getting together for […]

Schematic diagram of root cellar ducting.

Several years ago I converted my wine cellar into a root cellar. I had less interest in my cheap Spanish red wines and more interest in other ways of preserving food. Click the thumbnails to see a larger image.       The room was there, under the basement stairs, when I started on the […]

Russian Kale, reputed to survive at temperatures as low as -10 degrees F. Image courtesy of Kool Cat.

The rewards of the garden in October are multiple. There’s the accounting of the quantitative results, either in pounds of tomatoes or quarts canned. There’s an accounting of the qualitative results as well, either a given crop was good or not so good, a lot or a few, hardy or weak, tasty or bland. There […]

Worms-eye view of feet on the ground. Ballet fifth position shown is not necessary for earthing. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

When I was a kid I loved getting dirty, digging in the ground, playing in mud puddles, any activity ensuring that by the end of the day I would have achieved a state of maximum grubbiness. This had the added effect of stirring the disgust of uncles, great aunts, and a considerable portion of the […]

Seedlings growing in truncated aluminum soda cans.

Whenever I set out to save the world I usually start in one place and wind up somewhere completely different, often frustrated. You’d almost think the world doesn’t want to be saved, at least not single-handedly by me. When recycling came to our community years ago I applauded it. Even before there were vehicles dedicated […]

Corpse posture. Image courtesy of Joseph RENGER via Wikipedia.

On Thursday I promised that if you read my previous post to the end I would tell you how to overcome the Obstacles to meditation. If you read to the end you noticed that I didn’t tell you jack squat because that was Part I. Just to clarify that I wasn’t lying. A common misconception […]