Robert Anton Wilson Free Your Mind

In this 10-minute video Robert Anton Wilson discusses the limitations of words, and the mischief they can cause. Wilson declines to use the word “is” and promotes the use of “maybe.” Such thoughts resonate very well with me. He says his attitude is both optimistic and angry. We are continually creating our own reality, although we may not be doing it consciously. The words we use to describe the territory is not the territory.

Trooper Halbig on Sandy Hook (

Former Florida state trooper Wolfgang Halbig questions the Sandy Hook tragedy. Halbig claims that the pieces of the puzzle do not fit.

There are questions right from the start. The police arriving at the scene parked a quarter mile away, knowing that shooting had happened, or was happening. Halbig asks, Where were the trauma helicopters? Why were paramedics prevented from entering the building? Why was Halbig intimidated by the police?

It’s hard to believe that Sandy Hook wasn’t real, but Halbig brings up some uncomfortable observations. Listen to the podcast and see what you think.

US Will Not Survive Says Hopi Elder

We are coming to a time where prophecy and man’s inability to live on earth in a spiritual way, is coming to a head. Columbus spearheaded what the Hopi call the first world war, the invasion of Europeans that decimated the native population. Perceptive observations about the truth of harmony with the earth, and the absence of it. There will be great changes, a natural evolution. We are all one family. Treat all things as spirit. Learn how to plant something—a first step toward harmony. Wisdom of the Hopi Elder in a 6-minute video.

No Dig Abundance

A beautiful vegetable garden created organically by Charles Dowding, with no digging involved. The process is deceptively simple. Apply manure to the desired garden plot, cover it with plastic film, let it sit for a year, and voilá, you’ve got a rich organic garden.

Mind Over Matter

Science and Spirit meet in this 10-minute documentary. David Icke & Gregg Braden appear, Deepak Chopra’s unmistakeable voice is there, as well as some science types, all expressing harmony.

Dr. Quantum-Double Slit Experiment

This delightful animation explains the double slit anomaly in quantum physics. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but the conclusion will baffle the mind. The weirdest aspect of this is that electrons apparently act differently depending on whether they are being watched (observed, measured) or not. What?? Yep. That’s what Dr. Quantum says. We know what the electrons do, but we have no idea why they do it.

Google’s Smart Contact Lens Project | Design Milk

Google’s Smart Contact Lens Project

What makes this contact lens so smart? Would you believe it can manage diabetes with a person’s tears. It may sound crazy but tears are a better way to measure glucose levels. So far these geniuses of contact lenses can produce a reading every second and have tiny, tiny, tiny LED lights that indicate when glucose levels are out of an acceptable range. See?

Read more over at Design Milk.

Walking City: An Evolving Video Sculpture Morphs in Response to Architecture

In this 8-minute digital animation the simple act of walking continually and slowly morphs from a blocky form into successive shapes of varying degrees of fluidity. It’s better to watch than to read a description of it, so Watch.

[via: colossal]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

A controversial documentary showing behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first moon missions, proving that the crew never left earth orbit. Really? Really? Take a look and see what you think. You might be surprised.

Unexplained Mysteries. An UnEx Report. Touched by an Alien. Abducted – Documentary on Alien Abductions and Alien Implants

Convincing stories of alien abductions. Hypnotherapy sessions reveal the tests done on abductees by alien invaders. Many victims of abduction have no recollection of what happened during the abductions, but they have noticed a loss of several hours time on the occasion of the abduction.

Some abductees have been shown terrifying images of the future of the earth, if we humans continue on the path we are on. Some believe that the aliens are here to help us save ourselves from ourselves. There seems to be an urgency on the the part of the ETs.

Other abductees claim to have been given healing powers by the aliens. Some people have experienced multiple abductions, and do so willingly.

Thousands of abductees have come forward with the belief, and evidence, that they have been implanted with alien devices. Some of these implants have been surgically removed. These devices may be a form of tagging. Several abductees in this documentary believe that they have been tagged to permit aliens to find them whenever and wherever they are.

The evidence is mounting that aliens are among us. Whether they are here for good or evil we don’t know.