Inhuman: The Next & Final Phase of Man is Here. 3 1/2 minute video.

“Singularity” is a big word these days. Dr. Thomas Horn talks about human enhancement, trans-humanism. The basic idea seems to be that if scientists can figure out how to combine humans with machines, everything will be hunky-dory. Dr. Horn himself doesn’t seem to me to be particularly together, in an emotional, intelligent way. He could be no more than a grandstander, but a grandstander capable of doing great damage.

The God Within (FULL) from – Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger

Adams refutes the persistent belief of physicists that physics can understand everything. Physics cannot be wholly explained without taking consciousness into account. Most conventional physicists, like Stephen Hawking, doesn’t believe in consciousness or free will. Adams shows no mercy in finding the flaws in Hawking’s arguments.

Adams looks at determinism, self awareness, enlightenment, quantum theory, the nature of reality, origins of the universe, and the big bang.

Chrystal Turntable from Brian Lilla on Vimeo.

Sculptor Evan Holm is at it again with a turntable driving a speaker that has an attached stylus with ink dripping on it, paper being drawn by to . . . . Aw, just look at the video. Holm is one creative artist, for sure.

Top 10 Bad Inventions

The heated bra looks more like strategic padding but who’s quibbling. There are self-lighting cigarettes, a dress that looks like a vending machine, canoe shoes for the canoe deprived. You have to see the anti-theft suitcase to believe it. And more.

Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians?

Awareness of aliens on planet earth has been growing at some sort of geometric rate, it seems to me. Red Pill Philosophy examines the lizard brain in our human heads, and more. Consider that there might be shape-shifting reptiles in our midst. A tamer interpretation of some of Icke’s intuitions.

The Archons – David Icke

According to Icke, Archons do exist. They have been on the earth for many centuries, perhaps millenia. They might be the popular alien greys. The predominant characteristic of Archons is they are deceitful. They have no imagination, and tend to turn everything upside down, and are the source of Satanism. They have different names in different cultures. The Gnostics know them as Archons, Islam calls them the Jinn, Christianity names them demons, the ancient civilization of Sumer called them the Anunnaki, and so on. This video is a fascinating 12 minutes of information best viewed by people who are open to interpretations outside the mainstream, to put it mildly.

HS Valedictorian Criticizes American Schooling in Provocative Commencement Speech

In less than 10 minutes a high school graduate, Erica Goldson, accurately describes the public educational system and defines exactly what is wrong with it. And her plans for changing the way we do things in the future. Bravo! Bravo!

Pentagon looking for 'Big Mechanism' to mine health data | USA Today | Image courtesy of Wikipedia:

Pentagon Looking to Mine Health Data

They’ll spend $45 million to dig around research on cancer with the hopes that a more coherent package will evolve in the fight against cancer. This project is apparently under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Sorry to rain on the picnic but from other info about DARPA I find it difficult to believe that agency is embarking on a humanitarian goal.

If Pentagon is serious about looking into the cancer epidemic I suggest they start by studying the detrimental effects of pesticides, chemicals in our foods, GMOs for instance, fluoride in the water, toxic plastics, to name a few. The increase in cancer cases has been in lock step with ever-increasing use of poisons in our food and our environment. There’s a direction for you, and I’m not charging $45 dollars for it, either.

The World’s Tallest Slum: Caracas’ notorious Tower of David

Caracas, Venezuela is known for its beautiful people: over 40,000 plastic surgeries are performed each year. By contrast, one of the country’s tallest skyscrapers has become its largest slum, 45 stories high. Families inhabit the first 28 floors. There are no elevators. The people who live there are all squatters with nowhere else to go.

Some residents take the initiative to rehab their apartments. Everyone chips in for basic services. There’s an aqueduct system for water and an electrical grid.

Although outsiders allege that the tower is a hotbed of crime, the residents themselves deny it. They are happy to have a place to sleep.