In Search Of The Great Lakes Triangle

This documentary in 3 parts, narrated by Leonard Nimoy (Spock in the original Star Trek TV show), aired in 1978. Not only have planes been disappearing in the /Great Lakes Triangle for some time now, the Triangle also may account for the sinking of the Great Lakes freighter, the Edmund Fitzgerald. The Edmund Fitzgerald wasn’t the only ship to mysteriously disappear in the Great Lakes. The Chippewa Native Americans have legends of eerie disappearances, too.

The surviving copilot of one airliner that crashed has no explanation as to why the pilot flew the craft into the ground. Other planes have rapidly lost altitude and crashed with no indication from the pilot that something was amiss. Speculation includes UFOs, atmospheric forces, electromagnetic anomalies, psychic forces but concrete explanations of the strange occurrences in the Great Lakes Triangle have have yet to be found.

Parts 2 & 3 below:

Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers

This short video apparently shows the same crisis actor being interviewed at the Twin Towers disaster, and at the LAX shooting years later. At LAX he said that he didn’t have any ID and the cops let him go!? His name was given as Nick Pugh.

The video below says that Nick Pugh is actually a guy named Mark Walsh. I guess he was Mark Walsh at the Twin Towers and Nick Pugh at the LAX shooting. This is some weird stuff, huh?

September 11 The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)

This one’s full all right, all 4 hours, 53 minutes, 41 seconds of it. And the credits aren’t very long. This documentary goes into detailed analysis of the 9-11 tragedy. Watch it and you’ll know why the first word in analysis is “anal.” It’s hard to imagine any more detail in anything. Writer and Director Massimo Mazzucco uses original material and video from other 9-11 documentaries to present a compelling, if long, argument for further investigation of what really happened at the World Trade Center in 2001. Reference film sources include Dylan Avery’s Loose Change, A&E911 Truth’s Explosive Evidence, Nafeez Ahmed’s Unanswered Questions of 9/11, and more. Mazzucco’s technique pits the arguments of debunkers, such as the Popular Mechanics staff who wrote the book Debunking 9/11 Myths, against the arguments of factions such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Believe it or not, this one is worth the time spent.
This is the 5 hour video, but it’s really good.

An air of danger | SOCO

An Air of Danger – SOCO Magazine

Anyone interested in the condition of our environment, and the future of the human population, ought to read this SOCO Magazine article from August 2014 in the Living Well section. Apparently it is very popular because the first time I tried to return to it I couldn’t get access.

If you can’t reach the original article, take a look at this link from GeoEngineering Watch to read about the SOCO article and read the comments as well. But do strive to reach the SOCO article itself. Another site,, doesn’t mince words when it comes to geoengineering, “Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity.” These are scary times, indeed.

Science and Nonduality

Watch the 6-and-a-half minute video above about the Science and Nonduality (SAND) Gathering. The idea is that the deeper we go into scientific disciplines, the closer we get to the mystical. We are creating a new story of what we are and who we are.

Reptiods Research CenterReptoids Research Center


Reptoids Research Center

Who is John Rhodes? He is the creator of the Reptoids Research Center. Mr. Rhodes believes we are all whacked to be looking to space for Aliens and E.T.’s. He says we ought to be searching underground tunnels, caverns, and cave systems right here on earth for reptoids that live down there.

You’ve undoubtedly seen some of these underground reptoid creatures yourself. Think of the last time you saw a 7-foot tall lizard-like being running toward you on two legs, with red glowing eyes. Well, maybe you didn’t, but plenty of folks have. They’ve seen the Lizard-Man of Bishopville, South Carolina, and Lizard-man ain’t too friendly.

Maybe not so unlikely as it seems, considering that we humans don’t know so much things as we think we do. You’d have to be a dang fool to suggest thatin a universe some say is 150 billion light years across that Earth is the only place that nurtured intelligent beings. So, why not expect some surprises in the underground?

There’s lots more information on Mr. Rhodes web site than this story about just one Lizard-man. I can’t say I’m a 100% believer, but I can’t say I’m a skeptic, either. Take a look here and judge for yourself.

Sustainable Human

By Changing the Story, We Change Our World… The world is built on stories. This is quite the ambitious project, based on the belief that we, the inhabitants of the earth, desperately need to change the narrative of infinite resources, limitless waste, and endless competition, to one of freedom to develop our unique gifts and sustainability.

Watch the 8-minute introductory video. I had to close extra browser windows, and click off HD on this video to see it.
This site is still the BETA version, but it is quite exciting. The site promotes projects to change the paradigm, for free, through volunteers who pay as little as a buck a month to be included. The plan is that as members sign up, revenues grow, and if any one member, or several members, needs funds for a project, the larger group decides if the funds should be provided. Members are encouraged to go ahead with projects that require no funding.

This is a bold website with bold ideas. It is a step in the right direction.

The Importance of Play | PechaKucha 20x20

The importance of Play. A PechaKucha Presentation.

PechaKucha is a presentation format wherein the presenter has 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide, limiting the presentation to 6 minutes & 40 seconds. It is great fun & has swept across the world. Since I’ve been a supporter of play ever since I was a little tyke, and have seen no reason to stop, I love this presentation.

Ex-USAF Officers: UFOs Targeted Global Nukes

Apparently, UFOs have hovered over nuclear missile sites from as far back as the 1960s, temporarily disarming the missiles, ostensibly to keep human beings from destroying themselves (ourselves) and the planet.

This news will sound weird to some, I suppose, but consider that affidavits from 120 retired military personnel who should know, have been collected in a detailed report: “Witness Testimony: UFOs at Nuclear Weapons Bases.“

I was unable to find the report, but I did find this fascinating video:

Disclosure Conference, National Press Club 27 Sept 2010

Testimony is recorded from Charles Halt, USAF Col.(Ret.), Robert Jamison, USAF Nuclear Missile Targeting Officer (Ret.), Jerome Nelson, USAF Nuclear Missile Launch Officer (Ret.), Patrick McDonough, USAF Nuclear Missile Site Geodetic Surveyor (Ret.), Capt. Robert Salas, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), and others.After hearing these accounts, I doubt anyone could deny the presence of extraterrestrials on this planet. Please do watch the question and answer period, too.

Off-Grid Communications – Free Data From Space Forever-Is Lantern The Holy Grail?

Watch this 5 1/2 minute video from Outernet and imagine a whole new reality for the whole world. Really. They say, “One Device = Free Data Forever.”

Here’s their crowdsourcing activity on IndieGoGo. It’s impressive, too. What a pleasure to come across some inexpensive fantastic technology from the big out-there.