Cancer The Forbidden Cures

Full Documentary. One hour & 13 minute documentary by Massimo Mazzucco.

New cancers are forming at the rate of 1,000,000 per year. Treatments cost on average $50,000 each. This amounts to a huge business doing $50 billion a year. Perpetuation of the illness is necessary to support the cancer industry. Or, as the comedian Chris Rock succinctly put it in his routine, “The money isn’t in the cure, the money’s in the medicine.”

This documentary offers an intelligent explanation of the twisted values of the cancer industry. It goes on to tell the stories of Marie Caisse’s cancer treatment Essiac, Harry Hoxsey, ND, who fought for another herbal cure for cancer, Max Gerson who was equally effective in curing cancer with his nutritional approach, and more.

Caution: When you see how the medical establishment treated these heroes and their treatments, it might make your blood boil.

Tent City: Making a career out of homelessness (RT Documentary)

52 minutes. People might have jobs but they might not be able to make enough to pay the rent. Solution? A tent city for about 100 people who have been left out of the American Dream. Some of these folks had been very successful until they fell on hard times.

Jesus of Siberia – Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus (Documentary Exclusive)

25:47. Is this place heaven on earth, in Siberia’s Taiga Forest 100 miles from the nearest town? Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop , known as Vissarion, has a following of 4,000 people. He looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God. Could this guy be related to Braco? God is popping up all over the place. Could be a good sign for the future of humanity. Or not.

The Men of the Fifth World (full documentary)

From the New Atlantis Full Documentaries channel. 52:15. Very interesting documentary about the aboriginal culture of Australia. It’s not only about men, it’s about women too. Unfortunately, it’s also about the tragedy of an ancient culture under the domination and destruction of the invading white population. The elders of the tribes strive to preserve the stories and the laws of aboriginal culture. Beautiful artwork, the making and playing of the didgeridoo, chanting, dancing, men hunting, women gathering honey and roots. Definitely worth watching.

Off the Air – Falling [adult swim]

Any way you can think of falling you might be able to find it in this 11-minute mashup video. Dream-like people falling in clouds, cartoon animation characters falling, falling down an up elevator rock video, extreme slo-mo falling on a giant water balloon, surrealistic dog falling with a frisbee, multi-colored liquids falling, kaleidoscopic falling, artsy animation falling off a building, animation diving into a pool, swimming falling, and believe it or not, more. Credits are given to all the creators of the original materials.

Find A Spring | Home

Find A Spring

Locate a Spring. Not for a bed, not a season, not something to put in your step, but a real honest-to-God cool clear water spring. In your area. How cool is that?

David Icke on Cancer – One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth: The Cancer Industry

In an interview on The Richie Allen Show, Icke exposes the cancer treatment scam. If chemotherapy is the cure, why does chemo destroy the immune system? Wilhelm Reich, an early pioneer in curing cancer was persecuted by the US Government, as Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been persecuted in present times. Drifting off the subject, the Bilderberg Group is mentioned, as is Google, the BBC, and the irrelevancy of the media. Drifting or not, David Icke is always an interesting subject.

How to Become Enlightened | WikiHow

How to Become Enlightened

Who other than wikiHow would step up to tell us all how to become enlightened, in only 13 steps. Wow, the fast track to infinite wisdom. This has got to have to the goods, the real goods, because 46 editors so far have worked it up. I could have saved a lot of time if the wikiHows had gotten this to me sooner. How can you go wrong paying attention to advice like, create time to be conscious, seek the company of wise people, and make special note of odors, noises and objects you see. And there are 10 more!

BUILDING THE MACHINE – The Common Core Documentary

39 minutes. There might be something fishy about the process that established Common Core as the benchmark for K-12 student performance, by a national standard.

Michael Petrilli, PhD, of the Fordham Institute defends Common Core, says everything is all out in the open for everyone to see. Bill Gates’ foundation gave $200 Million in one year to groups promoting Common Core. We know which side he comes down on.

Others are not so positive about the deal. Sandra Stotsky, EdD, who was one of 30 validation committee members, isn’t enthusiastic. Neither is Bill Milgram, PhD, a Stanford mathematician, valdiation committee member and overseer of the mathematical core standards. Neither is Jim Stergios, PhD, Executive Director, Pioneer Institute. Neither are some folks who are steamed because they see Common Core as a move to dumb down the population, creating wage slaves for the minority in power.

I’d like to hear an explanation for why both Stotsky and Milgram resigned from the validation committee. Turns out that three others hadn’t signed on either. Those five were expunged from the record thereby giving the impression that there was 100% consensus on the validation committee.

Jeb Bush is enthusiastic about these standards. Neal McClusky, PhD, of the Cato Institute thinks there is something wrong with the whole thing. And so it goes, back and forth, forth and back.

Federal muscle is strong, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan pushed the states to accept the Federal values.

This one is worth spending 39 minutes learning about Common Core, and thinking about what there is to learn here.
If you aren’t interested in spending 39 minutes, how about a little over 4 minutes listening to An Arkansas mother speaking about Common Core.

[UFOs File] Alien Technology Will Blow Your Mind – Full Documentary

Stacy Keach narrates this 47 minute documentary. During the presidency of Harry Truman, scientific researchers may have gained knowledge from an outside influence, namely by reverse engineering alien technology. Microchips, lasers, fiber optics are cited as examples of the reverse engineering technique. John Mack, MD, a psychiatrist who studied the transformational effects of alleged alien abduction is interviewed. Author Kirkpatrick Sale speaks out against the environmental destruction, and destruction of the quality of human life, caused by an unsustainable technological society. Will technological control our lives or will we be able to control technology?