Off-Grid Communications – Free Data From Space Forever-Is Lantern The Holy Grail?

Watch this 5 1/2 minute video from Outernet and imagine a whole new reality for the whole world. Really. They say, “One Device = Free Data Forever.”

Here’s their crowdsourcing activity on IndieGoGo. It’s impressive, too. What a pleasure to come across some inexpensive fantastic technology from the big out-there.

Buddha Boy – The Boy With Divine Powers

For the first time the 15 year-old “Buddha Boy” of Nepal is filmed as he meditates in the hollow of a tree while his followers donate to the cause, although no one seems to know what the cause is. Ram Bahadur Bomjon has been meditating for 10 months without food or water, with a throng of observers twenty-deep watching. Ram is protected from the crowd by a series of barb-wire fences.

The Buddha Boy plans to meditate for six years, the length of time it took Buddha himself to achieve enlightenment. Some say it is impossible for a human being to live without food and water. Others say Ram survives on the power of spiritual energy alone. What do you think? An interesting 45-minute documentary.

Non-verbal girl with Autism speaks through computer 20/20 ABC News

This is emotionally charged TV. Think Helen Keller with a computer keyboard.10-minute video.

Top Secrets of Gold – Full Documentary

According to this 44-minute documentary, Hitler went to war to get his hands on gold. Whistleblower, and precious metal trader, Andrew McGuire reveals manipulation of the price of gold and silver. Gold has always been a big deal and it still is. I think the message is: buy gold.

Making useless machines – Bryan Cera – TEDxUWMilwaukee.

How about a game of “Pung,” the name being a combination of Pong and Sung. It looks like Pong but the game is equipped with two microphones. Players raise and lower the paddles by raising and lowering the frequency of their voices. How about a robot that doesn’t perform but rather procrastinates, by pacing back and forth, checking the contents of the refrigerator, watching cats on an Internet monitor, and more. Cera teaches art at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Who says Milwaukee isn’t the center of the universe? I’d bet that Cera’s classes are even more fun than watching his useless machines in action. They’re not as useless as they look, art-wise. 18-minute video.

American Democracy – Murder Spies And Voting Lies

Computer programmer Clint Curtis blows the whistle on voting machines that will flip the vote with a simple push of a hidden touchscreen button. Curtis worked for Yang Enterprises, Inc. He took a polygraph test to prove that he was telling the truth, and passed with a perfect score. Politico Tom Feeney managed to avoid taking the test. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney offers first-hand evidence of the ease of use of the vote flipping scam. Gore Vidal weighs in with his observations. Why is this story brought to light by a source called RT? RT stands for Russia Today. How ironic is that? Check out Part 2 below.

Musical Instrument Madness

What do you have if you have cigar boxes with strings, pvc pipes that you blow, pvc pipes that you strike, bells, whistles, drums, pan pipes, cymbals, strings, and a theremin made out of a stuffed badger? If you guessed the wackiest collection of musical instruments you’ll ever see in one 5-minute video, you’re right!

Flash Vintage Experiments 2000-2010 by André Michelle

Flash Vintage Experiments by André Michelle

If you’ve got a really boring job and you’re looking for something to do at work, you might want to check out this web site. It’s not self-starting: You have to select one of the many choices. Some take a bit of time to load. Some are cute. Some are dumb. You might find this fascinating, and addicting. Get me outta here!

Nephilim – TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls and Nephilim.

Trey Smith, author & former safe robber (really), makes connections with facts and events from Biblical, Egyptian, Peruvian, and other history from all over the world in this nearly two-hour documentary. If you like plunging in depth into esoterica, you’ll love this documentary. Smith is witty, too. His camera techniques are quite primitive, but effective and interesting, too.

Retired Head Of FBI Tells All “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings” And lots more.

Retired FBI Bureau Chief, Ted Gunderson talks freely about Pearl Harbor, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Car bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and yes, even 9-11. Mix all these events in with the CIA, the FBI, the military, the federal government, frame-ups, lies, and you’ve got a spell-binding 63 minute presentation.